From Chairman's Desk

Mr. C. Kasturi Raj,

Chairman of Firm Foundations and Housing Private Limited, Firm Hospitals & Firm’s Banquet Hall

Thirty Years ago, Firm Foundations was established for building two things- International quality real estate projects and our customer’s trust. Today, we are in a position to claim that we have built both. We have built many prestigious projects that have won praise and accolades.

But for us, the highest award is seeing our customers turn our flats and apartments into homes where warmth, love and care reside.

This is the result that we will always work towards. With over 189 projects in and around Anna Nagar, we can proudly say that we have been benchmarked by others in the industry for our transparent business practices and on-time delivery of projects.

One of the important factors for these sound practices is our strong financial position which enables the completion of projects on time, every time. We believe in quality than quantity and create only 7 to 8 carefully selected projects per year. We welcome you to be part of our family whose roots are FIRM.

Our Vision

Tomorrow depends upon today

Firm Foundations has the vision to create a better future. The same can be said of any other real estate company. Where we differ is in our belief that the future depends on what we do today. Every day we think of new ideas, question old beliefs, seek new challenges, and innovate new methods. We do this because what we do today dictates how tomorrow turns out. The most important lesson we have learned over the past thirty years is that if you want a better tomorrow, begin today!

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